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Russian 2, Unit 3: "Viva Nevada!"

Russian 2, Unit 3: "Viva Nevada!"

Author: Jeanne Wardle

Watch as many of the video tutorials as needed to fullyunderstand the concept(s) taught in this unit. Show your understanding of the concept by passing the quiz.

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Unit 3 Vocabulary Guide


(Survival Russian for Travelers) getting around, Asking directions

dialogue 18 (на автобусе)

dialogue 19 (вы выходите)

Asking Directions (straight ahead, left, and right)

Asking for directions (when you're lost)

Giving directions (when someone is lost)

How to get to the Hermitage? Asking for directions.

Conversational Russian 3.
How to get to the Hermitage? Asking for directions.

Additional Resources

Audio and reading passages

Asking for Directions-