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Russian 2, Unit 5- Social Networking

Russian 2, Unit 5- Social Networking

Author: Jeanne Wardle
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Unit 5 Vocabulary Guide


Computer Vocabulary


2.5 Quiz: Teacher Mallet

Hit the teacher who pops up with the correct answer with a mallet.

Social Networks in Russia

Facebook vs. B KOHTAKTE

According to the speaker, Russians create a Facebook account, then forget about it entirely.

5 reasons Russians prefer B KOHTAKTE

1. Там сидят русскиe люди. (сидят = they sit)
2. Mногo русскик девушeк.
3. Удобный интерфейс. (Удобный = comfortable, convenient)
4. Очень многие пиратствa. (A lot of pirating.)
5. Нет приватности. (No privacy.)

Office Vocabulary