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Rutherford's Experiment

Rutherford's Experiment

Author: Nour Harriz

1. Learn about the evolution of the modern view of atoms

2. Why were alpha particles important in this experiment

3. Evidence collected that support the presence of a compact dense nucleus in atoms

4. Importance and significance of the fluorescent surrounding  

1. By attempting to prove the presence of positively charged particles, by building on Thomson's Experiment using the Cathode ray Tube who showed the presence of negatively charged particles in the atom.

2. Alpha particles are positively charged Helium nucleus. By using this radiation he can guarantee the repulsion that will take place with any positively charged particle inside the atom. 

3. Most of the radiations went through the gold foil which suggests the presence of a lot of empty space in the atom. Reflections and deflections took place as well showing that there must be a body of particles that is dense and compact capable of deflecting the alpha particles. Later this mass was called Nucleus.

4. The fluorescent surrounding is important to allow the scientist to view where deflections are taking place since the alpha particles colliding with the fluorescent surrounding will cause light bursts that can clearly allow us to understand what is taking place.

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Complete analysis for the modern view of atoms