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Sacramental Life Mini Unit: Liturgy

Sacramental Life Mini Unit: Liturgy

Author: Jon McGurran
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D1 What is the Liturgy?

1.) What is the point made by the Revelation's quote?
2.) Write our the St. John Chrysostom quote.
3.) What is the point made by St. John Chrysostom?
4.) Where does the word "Liturgy" come from?
5.) How is the liturgy both public and interior?
6.) What is the role of the Holy Spirit in the liturgy?
7.) What are the four ways in which Christ is present in the liturgy? Give an example for each.

D2 The Church's visible worship

1. On what days did the first Christians worship God?
2. What is important about the eighth day?
3. What are Holy Days of obligations?
4. Write down the 6 solemnities.
5. Why does the Church want and require us to attend the Liturgy of the Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation?

Review Guide for Final Test

Brief summary of each Unit in order to guide your preparation for the Final.

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