3 Tutorials that teach Sacramentalism
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Author: Carissa Wyant

This lesson will provide information on the idea of sacramentalism and offer insight into action deemed as necessary for salvation and  grace within different religions.

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  • Prasad

    In Hinduism, a gift (usually food) given by a worshipper to a deity, which is then considered to be blessed and is consumed by worshippers.

  • Sacrament

    In Christianity, a sacred rite.

  • Lord’s Supper

    Commemoration of Jesus' willingness to sacrifice Himself for the forgiveness of human sin, traditionally involving the consumption of small amounts of bread and wine (or appropriate substitutes, such as wafers and grape juice)--also called "Communion" or "Holy Communion" in some Christian sects.

  • Baptism

    In Christianity, the anointing of a new believer or church member with water as a sign of cleansing and acceptance by God.

  • Confirmation

    In Roman Catholicism, a sacrament by which a believer is accepted into the Church.

  • Holy Communion

    In Roman Catholicism, the reception of bread/wafers and wine that has been transformed into the literal blood and flesh of Jesus Christ.

  • Confession

    In Roman Catholicism, a sacrament by which a priest may forgive a worshipper's sins, in exchange for the worshipper's willing and full admission of sin, as well as the doing of penance.

  • Marriage

    In Christianity generally, the joining of one man and one woman together in a lifelong household, familial, and sexual relationship. A sacrament of the Roman Catholic Church and some other Christian sects.

  • Holy Orders

    The ordination or appointment of people to posts within the church, a sacrament of the Roman Catholic Church.

  • The Anointing of the Sick

    A sacrament of the Roman Catholic Church, in which a gravely ill person is blessed by a priest.