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Sacred Scripture Unit 2 In the Beginning

Sacred Scripture Unit 2 In the Beginning

Author: Jon McGurran
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Unit 2 Vocabulary


Vocab word







Babel, tower of






Doctors of the Church







Fathers of the Church

























Shinar, plain of




D2 Creation: A Covenant with the Universe

1.) Explain how creation is set up as two sets of 3.
2.) How is Creation like a great Temple for the worship of God?
3.) How does God experience time?
4.) What are the four things to learn about being made in the Image of God?
5.) What do we learn about marriage from Adam and Eve?
6.) What are the two names for God that are used in creation and what do both mean?

D3 The Fall

1.)What is Nahash?
2.) What things, more important than natural life, did Adam and Eve lose when they sinned?
3.) What "wisdom" did Adm and Eve gain from choosing to disobey God?
4.) Why did God ask Adm and Eve questions when he already knew the answers?
5.) How did Adm and Eve respond to God about their disobedience?
6.) What were the four consequences to original sin?

D4 The Lines of Cain and Abel

1.) How did Cain present himself when confronted by God?
2.) What is unique about Lamech?
3.) How is Christ’s ethic of forgiveness opposed to Lamech’s ethic of revenge?
4.) How are Seth’s descendants different from Cain?
5.) Who were the sons of God, who were the daughters of men?

D5 Flood and Tower of Babel

1.) Why did God decide to start the human race over with Noah?
2.) What is important about the number "forty" in Scripture?
3.) What is the significance of the rainbow in the covenant God made with Noah?
4.) What is the "table of nations"?
5.) What does it mean to "make a name" for oneself?

D6 Abraham pt.1

1.) What did God ask Abram to do?
2.) What type of work was Abram's family involved with? Where did they live?
3.) Who was Lot?
4.) Why would God's promise to Abram to give him a multitude of descendents have been hard to believe?
5.) What did the idea of many descendants mean in the time of Abram?

Advent project



  1. What day does advent begin on this year?
  1. What is Advent?
  1. Advent comes from the Latin word_____which means_______?
  1. When do we light the pink candle?
  1. What is the week that we light the pink candle called?
  1. What does the Advent wreath represent?
  1. What does each week of Advent represent? 
  1. The third Sunday of Advent is known as________Sunday.
  1. What is an Advent Calendar?
  1. When was Advent first observed?
  1. The first Sunday of Advent also marks the _________________ for the church?
  1. Why is the liturgical color of the season Purple?
  1. What holiday did the Pagans celebrate on Christmas?
  1. What is a Jesse tree?
  1. What are posadas?
  1. Why do Posadas only last 9days?
  1. All these saints are associated with Advent. Tell me what they did:
    1. Mary
    2. St. Francis Xavier
    3. St. John Damascene
    4. St. Nicholas
    5. St. Ambrose
    6. St. Lucy
    7. St. John of the Cross
  1. What did you learn about Advent? How can the experience of Advent help your faith?


When you finish this worksheet, with the same partner read Catechism 142-165. Make an outline of the key things they learn about from this section.

Modern Abraham Project

Sacred Scripture—Abraham

Bringing the story of Abraham into the modern world.



  1. With an assigned partner, read the story of Abraham (Genesis 11-25)
  2. You need to outline each chapter and include all key points. (Should be at least 2 pages)
  3. Make a timeline of the key events in Abraham’s life
  4. You will take your information and re-write the story of Abraham to fit in modern times.
  5. You will need to create a imove/powerpoint explaining your new story. Include detail.


The Imovie/Powerpoint will be judged on:

  • Effectiveness of presenting your story
  • Originality and creativity
  • Attractiveness
  • A minimum of 1 minute, a max of 2. Must include all relevant information.
  • If using a powerpoint, presentation must last 1-2 minutes.

Remember the four things you will turn in

  • 1.) Detailed outline of Gen 11-25
  • 2.) Timeline of the key events in Abraham’s life
  • 3.) The written story of your “modern” Abraham
  • 4.) Present your movie/powerpoint.


You will have two class periods to complete. This is graded as a test.

Religion portion of the Holiday Project

Holiday Traditions Project

Religion Portion

You have already done the Holiday portion for your other classes. Today you will work on the Religion portion. This involves looking up a Saint from your country and doing research and telling us their story.

The steps are

  • Get in your groups for the Holiday project
  • Find a saint from your country.
  • Research using 3 different sites (No wiki, and you must cite it.)
  • Write a paper in your own words telling us the story of this saint.
  • Make a small poster representing your saint.
  • Get as much done as you can in 1 class period we might use a 2nd if you need it.

D7 Abraham Pt.2

1. What did Sarai suggest Abraham do to ensure a son?
2. What was the external sign of the covenant God made with Abraham?
3. What does the new name God gives Sarai mean? Why did God choose the name Isaac for Abraham and Sarah's child?
4. What sacrifice did God ask of Abraham?
5. What did Isaac and Jesus have in common with the sacrifices?

D8 Isaac, Jacob, Esau, and Laban

1. Why did Abraham want Isaac to avoid marrying a Canaanite woman?
2. How was the choice of Isaac's wife the result of prayer?
3. Why did Esau give up his birthright?
4. How did Jacob trick his father into giving him Esau's blessing?
5. In your own words, tell me the story of Jacob and his wives.

D9 The Sons of Israel

1. Why were both Leah and Rachel upset?
2. What did Jacob feat from Esau?
3. What blessing did the angel, who wrestled Jacob, give Jacob?
4. Tell me the story of Joseph.
5. How is Joseph a "type" for Jesus Christ?

Unit 2 Study guide

8th Grade Sacred Scripture

Study guide Unit 2 (Short answers, know the concepts!!)

  1. What did God create on each of the seven days of creation?
  2. Is there a conflict between creation and evolution?
  3. Why did God create the universe?
  4. What does it mean to be made in the image of God?
  5. What is the nature of marriage? (2 purposes)
  6. In what sense is God our Father?
  7. How did Adam and Eve fall from grace?
  8. What is the Protoevangelium?
  9. Explain the lines of Cain and Seth. How did they happen, and what was the end result?
  10. Why did God send the Flood?
  11. What covenant did God make with Noah?
  12. What was the aim of those who organized the Tower of Babel?
  13. What was God’s call to Abram?
  14. What three promises did God make to Abraham and how were they fulfilled?
  15. How did Abram respond to God’s promises, and how did God respond to Abram’s faith?
  16. What was the outward sign of God’s covenant with Abraham and his male descendants?
  17. How is the sacrifice of Isaac and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ similar?
  18. Tell me the story of Ishmael.
  19. Why did Abraham arrange for a wife for Isaac from among his own family back home?
  20. How did Jacob become patriarch instead of Esau?
  21. Isaac’s wife was named?
  22. How is Laban involved in these marriages?
  23. Why did Joseph’s brothers hate him?
  24. How did God bring good out of the evil Joseph’s brothers did?