Sacred Scripture Unit 3 The Exodus

Sacred Scripture Unit 3 The Exodus

Author: Jon McGurran
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D1 Moses

1. What happened to the Hebrew people from the time of Joseph to the time of Moses?
2. What did Moses begin to notice as he grew older?
3. Why did Moses commit murder?
4. How did God appear to Moses? What did he say to him?
5. What is God's name?

D2 The Ten Plagues

List and explain each of the 9 plagues.

Why did God want them to sacrifice animals?

Why could they not do this in Egypt?

D3 The Passover

1.) Describe the 10th plague.
1.) What is the threat God made to Pharaoh?
2.) How did the Israelites avoid the 10th plague?
3.) From a Christian perspective, why did the Jews celebrate the Passover?
4.) How is the Passover lamb a type of Christ?
5.) What does "Exodus" mean?
6.) What happened at the Red Sea?
7.) What happened in the desert after the Red Sea?
8.) What does "Manna" mean?
9.) How does Manna relate to Christ?