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Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Author: Kathy Girard

After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the safe use of medical equipment.
  • Recognize and report safety hazards.
  • Identify and practice security procedures for medical supplies and equipment.
  • Explain proper body mechanics.
  • Discuss and explain the procedure for properly identifying patients.
  • Define procedures for the safe transport and transfer of patients.
  • Describe fire safety and safe procedures for patient evacuation.

This lesson covers various areas of safety in the healthcare field.

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PDF of Safety in the Medical Environment

Covers various aspect of safety in healthcare


Source: LTC Healthcore

PDF Safety & Security

PP to go along with the PDF

Source: Kathy Girard

Body Mechanics

Demonstrates correct body mechanics for lifting.

Source: YouTube Education

Posture and Body Mechanics

Demonstrates correct sitting posture

Source: YouTube Education

Patient Identification

How a patient can help prevent medical errors

Source: YouTube Education

Fire Power - Revisited!

In 1986 NFPA created the award winning video - Fire Power - which takes a firsthand look at the deadly dynamics of fire from ignition to full room involvement. At every twist and turn of the video, viewers get a bird's-eye view of fire's path of destruction and are astonished at how rapidly smoke and flames from a small fire envelop a home, making escape virtually impossible.

Source: YouTube Education

Fire video embedded with code

Source: youtube

Fire video embedded with old code

Source: youtube

Evacuation of a Health Care Facility

Source: YouTube Education

Correct Patient Identification

Cute music video about NIDA (Name, ID number, DOB, and address

Source: YouTube Education

2010 Patient Safety Goal

Source: YouTube Education

Lesson 5 Assignment 1 - Hospital Safety

Click on the Hospital eTool web site. Then, select one of the 14 areas that pose health hazards to the employees working there. This eTool focuses on some of the hazards and controls found in the hospital setting. It also describes standard requirements as well as recommended safe work practices for employee safety and health.  For your area, list at least three (3) safety and health issues and three (3) possible safe solutions to prevent injury to the employee.  Write or type your findings and turn in to your instructor.

Points Possible: 10

Three (3) Safety and Health issues = 3 points
Three (3) possible safe solutions = 3 points
Adequate content = 4 points

Source: LTC Healthcore

Lesson 5 Assignment 2 - Workplace Safety

The following situations are examples of potential hazards with which you should be familiar:

Can any body part get caught in or between objects?
Do tools, machines, or equipment present any hazards?
Can the worker make harmful contact with moving objects?
Can the worker slip, trip, or fall?
Can the worker suffer strain from lifting, pushing, or pulling?
Is the worker exposed to extreme heat or cold?
Is excessive noise or vibration a problem?
Is there a danger from falling objects?
Is lighting a problem?
Can weather conditions affect safety?
Is harmful radiation a possibility?
Can contact be made with hot, toxic, or caustic substances?
Are there dusts, fumes, mists, or vapors in the air?

Identify 3 potential hazards in the illustration below. Explain why these are hazards and what protective measures you would take to prevent danger to yourself and others in the workplace situation shown.

Write or type your answer and turn in to your instructo

Source: LTC HealthCore

Find the Hazards: Office - photo


Source: google images

Medical Errors

Explains what Medical Errors and Sentinel Events are.


Source: Kathy Girard