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Saludos y Despedidas

Saludos y Despedidas

Author: Donna Mehta

After viewing the video, students will be able to identify greetings, farewells/goodbyes and expressions of courtesy used in basic conversations as well as distinguish appropriate expressions used based on the time of day.  Students will also be able to identify other expressions used to introduce themselves and others.

Note:  Be sure to repeat the phrases when prompted to do so (by Cinthia) in order to practice pronunciation.


After viewing the video, students will ultimately be able to create comic strips as well as role-play basic conversations of introduction using culturally authentic expressions, norms and gestures.

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Los Apuntes - "Spanish Greetings" Video Notes

Below is the sheet to record all of your notes as you view the "Spanish Greetings" video. Download and print both sheets. Write all the requested information for each expression. Be sure to bring the sheets to class so you may receive credit for its completion.


Source: Donna Mehta, Microsoft Word

Spanish Greetings

This video describes common expressions used in daily conversations of introduction in Spanish-speaking countries. It also explains when these expressions are used.

Source: Spanish Wizards, YouTube Channel

A Ver Si Puedo

Students answer some multiple-choice and open-ended questions to check their comprehension of the expressions and concepts introduced in the video.

Source: Donna Mehta, Google Document Forms

Más Práctica

Go to the link below for a little more practice. Follow these instructions.

  • Enter your name.
  • Choose Level A.
  • Then click, Lección Preliminar and Práctica.
  • Try Activities 1 and 2 only.  Some of the vocabulary may still be new, but give it a try!  Be sure to check your answers.

Source: McDougal Littel - Avancemos Level 1: Classzone