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Sample dialogue

Sample dialogue

Author: Yuni Park


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In this exercise, you will be responding as the pharmacist. Listen to the patient’s questions and then listen to the cues for what your answers should be. These dialogues pull together what you have learned in this course and give you real-life scenario” for oral practice. Attempt to respond without writing your answers down first. If you need to hear a prompt again, simply listen a second time. After all, in real lef, you can always say, "Repita, por favor."

Problem with Refill and Ordering Medicine

In this conversation, Juan López calls in a refill. After obtaining the prescription number, you realize that there is not enough medication in stock in order to fill it. So, you are going to tell him that “We have to order the medication and the order will arrive tomorrow morning.” Then you will ask if he can wait or if he needs It today. Since he does not need it today, you tell him that you will call him as soon as the prescription is ready. And you will then obtain his preferred phone number. After he gives it to you, you’ll thank him by name and tell him to have a good day.