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Sandra Hsu

Sandra Hsu

Author: Ching Sandra Hsu

To share my IB artwork

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Cardboard Experimentation - Every-day Object Sculpture


Name: Guitar

Medium: Cardboard

The project was to recreate an every-day object into a cardboard sculpture, and I chose guitar because it best represents my passion for music. Although the project was meant to test our abilities to enlarge or reduce the size of the objects into ordinary sculpture sizes (around 1meter tall and wide), yet, the guitar was already in appropriate size, therefore I didn't make any change to the measurements; in fact, I made it as similar to the original as possible.

Holiday Project - Partial Self Portrait

I first took a picture then added guidelines to help locate each square when painting.


Name: Partial Self Portrait

Media: Acrylic

Ingrid Calame - Abstract Art



Name: No Title

Media: Color pencil and acrylic

Family History Project


Chiaroscuro - Self Portrait


Name: Self Portrait

Medium: Charcoal

Photorealism - Reflection


Name: Reflection

Media: Pencil and chalk pastel

Photorealism - Still Life


Name: The Treasure of Memories

Media: Pencil and chalk pastel

Two Point Perspective Drawing


Name: School

Medium: Pen

One Point Perspective Drawing


Name: School

Medium: Pen