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Sandy Job Description Tutorial on Various Job Profiles

Sandy Job Description Tutorial on Various Job Profiles

Author: Sandy Dsouza


The main objective of job description tutorial is to guide the student on various job profile so that it will become easy for students to choose their career. Here you will find information on various job description and duties along with its samples for various job profiles like teacher job, cashier job etc.




In this job description tutorial, you will find some tips and tricks for writing job description. Here you will get an brief idea about various job profiles like what are duties of a particular job, what is eligibility criteria for entering into particular field and many more. Take a glance job description tutorial for more information. It will definitely provide you guidance for choosing your career.  

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Career Advice and Job Description for Teacher


Education is the most important part of every person to reach the height of success in their career. When you complete your school life there is big question arises in every student and their parents is that which field to choose after school.

There are many fields that can be choose by students as a career. Every job fields plays important role at their place. According to analysis it is found that teacher job is the best one one can go for it.

And for choosing teaching line there are some criteria that should be fulfill by a candidate.

Eligibility required for teaching job is as follow:-

  1. First thing is that candidate should have bachelor as well as master degree
  2. Should have brief knowledge of latest technology
  3. If you are applying for a specified subject, then a candidate should have specialization in that particular subjects
  4. Certification is also required for a particular subjects


Here are some duties of teaching job that will give a brief idea for choosing a career:-

  1. Handling the whole classroom and instructing the students on particular subjects
  2. Encouraging the students to participate in extra curriculum activities along with their studies
  3. Providing students with positive feedback that will encourage them in improving their skills
  4. Completing all the syllabus on time
  5. Setting exam papers and correcting it and preparing report of every students
  6. Communicating with parents of all the students and providing the feedback of students
  7. Attending all the students, parents and teachers meeting
  8. Participating in all the school functions
  9. Coordinating with all the colleagues


Study the job duties of teacher and decide whether you want to choose teacher job as a career.

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