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SAP ARIBA Online Training

SAP ARIBA Online Training

Author: Subha Glory

SAP ARIBA Online Training is offering at Glory IT Technologies. We have real time working Professional in SAP ARIBA. Our expert will covers Ariba Procurement, Supplier Performance And Sourcing topics in Our SAP Ariba Training Ariba offers an open network and Web-based applications to buy, sell and manage cash among B2B buyers and sellers. It’s now known as “Ariba, an SAP Company Ariba sells separate “business commerce” products for buyers and sellers on the Ariba network

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Required Knowledge to Learn SAP Ariba

Fundamental Knowledge on IT

Programing Knowledge

Unit 1: Ariba Procurement Content

Using the Catalog
Importing Catalogs
Validation and Errors
Catalog Hierarchy
Catalog Views
Contract Compliance

Unit 2: Ariba Supplier Performance Management

Application Orientation
Managing an SPM Project
Planning Phase
Monitoring Phase
Managing Scorecards
Managing Surveys
Running Reports

Unit 3: Ariba Sourcing: Creating Events

Sourcing Event Overview
Building you’re Sourcing Event: Rules, Team, Suppliers
Building your Sourcing Event: Content
running your Sourcing Event
Sourcing Events with Monetary Bidding

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