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SAP ESS MSS Online Training

SAP ESS MSS Online Training

Author: Srinivas Rao

sap ess mss is a web enabled tool used to create,display,and change their own Hr-related data in the enterprise portal by the employee covers data from various business areas like benefits and payment,working time,career and job,employee search,personal data,travel management,corporate information,life and work events

SAP Ess Mss Online Training By Keen Techcnologies.which have highly talented and Certified tutors.they will make every consultant as a expert.our faculty covers all topics on sap employee self services and manager self services(ESS & MSS)

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SAP ESS MSS Training

SAP ESS MSS Course Content :


1.SAP Employee & Manager Self Service

Navigation in the Enterprise Portal and Business Packages
Introduction to the Enterprise Portal
Portal Content Business Packages

2.ESS Services in the BP for ESS

What is ESS used for?
Overview of the ESS Services in the Enterprise Portal
Selected ESS Services in the Enterprise Portal
Different ESS Releases in the Enterprise Porta

3.Setting up the Enterprise Portal

System Structure
Roles in the ERP System
Roles and Objects in the EP

4.User Management

User administration in ERP
User Administration in the Enterprise Portal

5.Customizing ESS Applications

Homepage Framework Customizing
Customizing Whos Who Application
Customizing Applications for Time Management
Career and Job

6. Team Viewer

Object and Data Provider
Principles of the Team Viewer
Customizing the team Viewer

7. Employee Information

Using the employee information Pages
Modifying the Employee Information Pages
Example Business Scenarios

8. Attendance Overview and Team Calendar

Attendance Overview
Team Calendar

9. Personnel Change Requests

PCR Overview
PCR Concept
Interactive Adobe Forms
PCR Customizing
ISR Customizing for PCR
Workflow Connection
PCR Status Tracking
Alternatively: PCRs using HCM Processes and Forms

10. Reporting

Reporting concept
Reporting Customzing


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