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SAP FSCM Online Training

SAP FSCM Online Training

Author: Srinivas Rao

SAP FSCM Online Training By Keen Technologies. Which is designed by our SAP certified Trainers.SAP FSCM for Beginners , who seeking training on Financial Supply chain Management, our faculty will covers all  treasury,risk ,cash & liquidity management topics on SAP FSCM

SAP Financial Supply Chain Management offers functionality that allows you to manage your financial supply chain and cash-flow cycle more effectively. Training courses provide end-to-end process support for credit management, electronic bill presentment and payment, collections management, dispute management, in-house cash management, cash and liquidity management, bank relationship, and treasury and risk management.


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SAP FSCM Training Content

SAP FSCM Course Content :


Module I : Treasury & Risk Managment

1 TRM Overview
2 Masterdata (BP, ..)
3 Transaction Manager
4 Money Market Overview
5 Business Process
6 Types of Instrument
7 Customization of Money Market
8 Easy Access Vs. Business Process
9 Transactional posting by TBB1 etc. and reversals
10 Treasury Payments
11 Foreign Exchange Overview
12 Business Process
13 Types of Instrument
14 Customization of Forex
15 Easy Access Vs. Business Process
16 Internal Forex Deals
17 Hedge Management
18 Hedge Process
19 Hedge instrument Creation
20 Hedge De designation
21 Securities Overview
22 Securities Master Data
23 Business Process
24 Types of Instrument
25 Customization of Securities
26 Easy Access Vs. Business Process
27 Market Risk Analyzer
28 Technical Theory
29 Types of Analysis
30 Easy Access Vs. Business Process
31 Credit Risk Analyzer (CRA)
32 Business Requirement
33 Limit Management
34 Customizaiton of CRA

Module II : In House Cash Duration

1 IHC Overview
2 System overview, interfacing, flows messages.
3 Internal Payment Processes
4 Internal Payment Types
5 Manual Payments entry by sector (Internal)
6 External Payment Processes
7 External Payment Types
8 Masterdata
9 External Bank Account Structuring
10 Routing of payments
11 Bankstatement processing (External, Internal)
12 Rejection Messages
13 Finstas (Structure, Examples..)
14 PEXR2002 (Structure, Examples..)
16 EOD and Month End Processing

Module III : Cash & Liquidity Management

1 Cash Management Overview
2 Business Process
3 Customization - Planning types, Planning Groups
4 Basic Settings
5 Structuring
6 Manual Memo Records
7 Cash Concentration
8 Liquidity Forecast

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