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SAP GTS Online Training

SAP GTS Online Training

Author: Srinivas Rao

Sap GTS is erp based solution.which is mainly for global trade operations.GTS Means Global Trade Services.we use GTS for documentation,understand complicated tariffs  and duties.Keen Technologies is Leading Organization for SAP GTS Online Training.we have sap certified experts

 SAP GTS automates global trade processes and enables you to manage large numbers of business partners, and high volumes of documents while also helping you to comply with changing legal regulations. It facilitates global trade by providing you with the tools you require to respond to governments modernizing their systems and to customs authorities communicating electronically with businesses.

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SAP Global Trade Service Training Content

Introduction to SAP Global Trade Services

Overview of SAP GTS

SAP GTS Modules
Compliance Management
Customs Management
Risk Management
Global Trade Trends & SAP GTS
Implementation of GTS with an R/3 Back end system

Setting up communication in R3 server

GTS Organization Structure
Legal Regulations
Deadline Types
Country Groups
Determination Procedures for Legal Regulations
Activation of Legal Regulations

Compliance Management

Customs Document type
Customs Item category
Partner Functions
Partner Function Groups
Sanction party List Screening
Embargo Check
License Determination Process Flow
Configuration of License Determination
License Determination Strategy
Monitoring of License Determination for Customs Documents

Customs Management

Product Classification
Numbering Schemes
Tarrif/Commodity Code Maintenance
Classifying Products
Customs Processing
Post Processing Framework
Overview of Customs Processing Service Electronic Declarations
Overview of Message Determination
Overview of Transit Procedure Service

Risk Management

Overview of Preference Processing
Rules of Origin
Preference Processing in GTS
Preference Processing
Overview of Restitution Processing
Restitution Processing in GTS
Configuration of Restitution Processing
Business Process in Restitution Processing

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