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SAP IS OIL and Gas Online Training

SAP IS OIL and Gas Online Training

Author: Prasanthi K

Keen Technologies provides in depth online classes in Sap oil gas online training by oil and gas professionals with real time examples in all over the world.

SAP Oil and Gas Course CurriculumIntroduction to my SAP ERPSAP Oil & Gas Overview
Introduction to Downstream
TWS Overview
Service Retailing
Upstream Graphics
Master Data Settings
Basic Settings
Master Data Creation
Oil & Gas Upstream
PRA Production and Revenue Accounting overview and its graphical user Introduction
Upstream Graphics
Measurement System
Contractual Allocation
Product Control
Check Input
Payment Processing Check Write
Accounts Receivable
Journal Entry
Contracts and Pricing
Tax Reporting
Production sharing Accounts
Set-up & Master Data
Master Data Assignments
PSA Periodic Processing
Joint venture Accounting
Accounting Principles
Master Data
Day-to-Day Processes
Data Entry
Operated Accounting
SAP Oil & Gas (RLM Remote Logistics Management)
Basic Customizing Settings for RLM
Supply Chain
RLM Goods Receipt
RLM Shipping
Material Tracking in RLM
SAP Oil & Gas (IS Oil Downstream)
Integration of SAP Oil & Gas with SAP CRM
HPM Liquid and Gaseous Hydrocarbon Product Management
TDP Tariffs, Duties and Permits
Transportation and Distribution
Marketing, Accounting and Pricing
Service Station Retailing
SAP Oil & Gas with GIS/CAD Integration basic settings:
Notifications of GIS Mapping
R/3 or BI integration with GIS
Assets & Operations concepts
GIS Performance BO

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