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sap sd online training

sap sd online training

Author: Ashok Kumar

SAP SD Professionals have good career in sales and marketing
SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) is known as one of the largest and oldest of SAP functional modules. SAP SD is used to perform daily business operations and can handle all processes from order to delivery. Basic operation of the RFP (Request for Proposals) module sale customer orders production, price, Select (and other process products at home), packaging, billing, risk management and delivery.

Some of the most important functional characteristics in basic training SAP SD module are:
Prices and taxes: Evaluates the price of many products for different types of conditions, such as discounts or reductions provided by the customer.

Availability: Check availability of the product in products for the home.

Credit Management: Defining the customer's credit limit when selling different products on the organization.

Bills and invoices: Create and post invoice the customer for the product.

Identification Material: This SD function module to determine the details based on a specific form of the disease materials.

Account definition: This function handles all the details of the client on the basis of a certain type of conditions.

Word Processing: This function allows you to copy text from one document to another.


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SAP SALES & DISTRIBUTION ‐ Order Fulfillment


SAP SD Sub-module
SAP SALES & DISTRIBUTION - Order Fulfillment

Objective of Course
To understand gamut of Sales and Distribution processes in SAP
Objective of Process
Understanding Overview of SD Processes
Understanding Basic Organizational Model in SAP
SAP Organizational Units & definitions
Different data types in SAP SD
Different Master data types in SAP SD
Partner processing Overview
Understanding Sales , Delivery, Billing document types and their controls
Understanding different sales processes and cycles in SD
Understanding Item categories, schedule line categories and controls
Understanding Pricing Process cycle
Fundamentals of Pricing, pricing elements
Requirements of Précising
Pricing synchronization in Order to Cash Cycle
Overview of Basic functions
Free goods process overview
overview of Output process in SD
Output determination for Customer master ,sales, delivery billing documen
Overview of Tax determination
Overview of Availability Check process
Overview Bills Of materials process

Overview free goods condition technique
Executing free goods Inclusive and Exclusive
Rebate Processing Overview
Overview of Third party process
Overview of Variant configuration
Returnable packaging process
Objective of Configuration
Understanding configuring Organizational structure & SD processes
Define Organizational Units
Assigning Organizational structure
Viewing Defined Organizational structure
Creation of Customer ,material Master records
Creation of CMIR,Item proposal records
Configuring Partner processing
Sales , Delivery, Billing document types
Executing different sales processes and cycles in SD
Configuring Item categories, schedule line categories and controls
Configuring with Pricing Condition Technique
Pricing, pricing elements, Pricing indicators
Defining Pricing procedures & determination of pricing procedures
Checking configurations with synchronization in Order to Cash Cycle
Configuring of Basic functions
Conjuring of Free goods using condition technique
Output process determination with condition technique
Determination for Customer master ,sales, delivery billing documents
Tax determination process
Bills Of materials process
Configuration of Third party process
working with
Variant configuration
Working with Returnable packaging process
Working with Rebate Processing

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