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Saying no to drugs!

Saying no to drugs!

Author: Rene Rosales

Standard 4.1.A - Use refusal and negotiation skills to avoid situations where alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs are being used.

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Introduction Information: Watch this first!

Saying no may be harder then it seems. A lot of times drugs are introduced by someone you know. Do not worry though peer pressure can easily be refused. Watch this video for some ideas.

Practice it out - Form some groups

 In groups of three to four create a scenario where an individual is in a situation being pressured to used drugs. Your group must create a realistic scenario and then present it to the class with a solution. Your group must demonstrate at least two ways to avoid a risky situation. Be creative with your examples, you may use the internet to find more solutions if needed, here are some more. 

More refusal or negotiation options.

Teachers See Firsthand The Effects Of Drug Crisis On Children

Npr podcast on how drugs affect children.

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