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Author: mario fierro-hernandez

Recognize the Principle of Scale and how it relates to the design process.

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Hi everyone. My name is Mario and I'd like to welcome you today's lesson on scale. So we're going to go through scale as well as proportion, and then demonstrate the importance of both through just a few examples. So, as always, feel free to stop my yapping and fast forward and rewind as you see fit. And when you're ready to go, let's begin.

So we will this lesson with what scale actually. The scale is a design principle that refers to the size of an element. So it's pretty simple stuff, but this simple principle is actually really important because it can drastically affect the perception of the design, or photo, or whatever you have.

So as an example, I have a photo here of my cat Squishy. You'll notice that he's rather large. I mean he's enormous. And scale here is being used to add a bit of dramatic effect to this photo, or even created as a focal point to this image. So, in reality, my cat Squishy isn't that big, or fat. But you can see just how impactful scale on its own can be to an image.

And scale goes hand in hand with proportion, which is the ratio of one size of an element to another. So proportion is needed to help identify the scale of an element by allowing the viewer to compare multiple elements in a design. So you compare the size of a tree to a car in order to establish how large one or the other is. So we can see from this example that scale and proportion directly affect our perception on the size of both the butterfly and the flower in relation to one another.

Now, I'll show you an example of just how drastic that affect can be. Now, likewise, the scale of the cypress in proportion to the mansion will impact just how extravagant the mansion actually is.

It's sort of diminishes the size of the mansion when the scale of the cypress are a lot larger in porportion to the mansion.

So that actually concludes today's lesson. It was rather short and sweet. I'd like to end with our key words, as usual. Which were scale and proportion.

I hope you've enjoyed today's lesson. My name is Mario and I'll see you next lesson.

  • Butterfly | Author: Pixabay | License: Public Domain
  • Mansion | Author: Wikipedia | License: Public Domain
Terms to Know

The ratio of one size of an element to another.


A design principle that refers to the size of an element.