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Schedule and Time in a Blended Learning Environment

Schedule and Time in a Blended Learning Environment


This lesson will provide students with the skills necessary to use tools provided or suggested to evaluate their current scheule and time available for a blended learning approach

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Notes on "Schedule and Time in a Blended Learning Environment"

(00:00-00:37) Intro

(00:38-00:53) Objectives

(00:54-02:29) Reflect on Schedule & Time

(02:30-06:54) Main Components of a Blended Learning Environment

(06:55-07:13) Review

(07:14-08:01) Reflection

Additional Resources

Aspire Public Schools Blended Learning Handbook

This is a one district's comprehensive handbook on blended learning. Included in the handbook are instructional strategies and planning strategies for teachers. Relevant to this competency, review the organization of the station rotation model beginning on page 8.

Blended Learning Tool Kit  

This is A Creative Commons course designed to support teachers as they begin to use blended learning strategies in their classroom. Scroll down to see blended learning case studies to see how blended learning is implemented in schools and classrooms.

The 21st Century Classroom – where the 3 R’s meet the 4 C’s!

This post from the Tech for Learning blog provides an explanation of how the 3 R's connect with the 4 C's. As teachers begin to plan their schedule and learning activities in the 21st century classroom, it is important to consider the connection between basic skills and creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking. This blog supports teachers as they begin to make those instructional shifts.