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Scheduling Appointments in Google Calendar

Scheduling Appointments in Google Calendar

Author: Karen L. Camp

To learn how to create appointments on shared campus calendars using Google Calendar.

This tutorial will walk you through step by step & show you how to create appointments on shared campus calendars, invite guests, and book rooms. 

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Creating Appointments in Google Calendar

Creating appointments on the shared calendars using the steps in this tutorial will prevent you from accidentally deleting/moving another's appointment.  It's actually a very similar process to how we booked calendars in GroupWise.  

Before starting the video, log in to your Gmail account through Google Chrome (NOT Internet Explorer), then click on 9-box grid near your name at the top of your Chrome browser as shown below.

grid box near name

In the Other Calendars section at the bottom left of your Calendar view, you will see a list of available calendars.  Make sure the delta (black triangle) is pointing down to expand your list of calendars. 

other calendars

The shared campus calendars are as follows.


For MVE:

  • 117-TIP_LAB  (K. Camplen owns)
  • 117-MVE_MSTR_CALENDAR  (S. Frederick owns)
  • 117-SE-Calendar  (M. Hardaman owns)


For Evers:

  • 156-TIP_Lab  (K. Camplen owns)
  • 156-EVERS-INFO   (E. Carlson owns)
  • 156-Special_Ed  (D. Escamilla owns)
  • 156-Speech  (P. Dargan & M. Spain own)
  • 156-Science-Lab-1  (S. Sheldon owns)
  • 156-Science-Lab-2  (S. Sheldon owns)
  • 156-Video-Conf  (K. Camplen owns)

If the desired calendar does not appear, just ask the owner to share it with you.  When you have your calendars showing, start the video & pause as needed to follow along.

Source: Created by Karen Camplen using Screencast-o-Matic

Scheduling Appointments in Google Calendar

This video will show how to create appointments in the shared campus calendars using Google Calendars.

Source: Created by Karen Camplen