SCI 256 Week 5 Environmental Analysis Presentation

SCI 256 Week 5 Environmental Analysis Presentation

Author: willi padro


Write a 1,500-word paper that analyzes an environmental issue in detail.  Include the following: 
Select an environmental issue from any issues discussed in this class, readings or individual research.
Describe the issue.
Provide financial/economic issues associated with the environmental issue, including cleanup, relocation, etc.
Identify the relative local, regional, national, or global policies addressing your issue.
Describe how the policies intend to address the issue.
Discuss the effectiveness, positive and negative, of any policies concerning the issue to include the following:
Challenges to policy implementation
Public opinion
Effects on individuals
Prepare a 15 minute Microsoft® PowerPoint® (or similar software) presentation with detailed speaker notes.
Include five outside resources.
Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines

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