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Science Is All Around Our Town

Science Is All Around Our Town

Author: JoAnn Delaney

Students will understand that organisms are linked to each other in a web of relationships.

Students will participate in a flipped lesson using a personal device and 3 apps to educate & collaborate with peers demonstrating understanding of science biology by photographing an organism, generating a location QR which will be used in class jigsaw activity and plotted on a map.

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Lesson Procedure

This lesson is meant to drive motivation. The purpose is to create depth and interest in the upcoming Ecosystem unit.

Procedure: Flipped Classroom blended with traditional classroom application using technology

Part 1: Flipped Classroom Assignment

Ss take a photo using their devise of an organism found in their yard, or neighborhood, or town.

Ss create a QR code from GPS location on the Qr stuff website

Ss download the free side by side app to combine the two images (see example)

Ss use their devise to research their particular organism

Ss apply the key information to create a show and tell teaching screencast

Ss use educreations to tell about their organism using the research.

Ss copy and paste their link into their Google Docs notebook.


Part 2: During traditional class time

Ss will be in working in small table groups of 4 or 5 students. Table groups are numbered 1-6

Teacher will create a Google document entitled "Science Around Town" and list each table group number in the document

Using the CHIRP app, the teacher will chirp the document link to all students while their chirp app is open. (this link is sent via sound waves)

Ss copy and paste their flipped homework link (Educreations work) into the shared document under the number of the table group assigned

All students now have access to each students final product (organism & QR with gps location found in town)

Each table group will open the Educreation links to learn about their peers' organisms found in their town.

Each table group will scan the QR code using I-Nigma QR reader to review the location of the organism.

Each table group will open Google Earth and tag the location of the organism on the Google Earth map.

Each group will explore the location at the street map level to take a further look.


Ss will upload the link to their final product in Mrs. Delaney's science course found on moodle

The students will also respond to the following questions and submit for marking.

Choose 2 organism that were found in your town. What relationship do they have with each other? What relationship do they have with their surroundings?


Hibiscus Family commonly known as Rose Mallow

Source: Delaney Lesson

Final Product Example

Pic taken with device
QR code generated for location of organism with QR Stuff
Side by side app to join both images
Educreations to show and tell about organism
Google Earth to tag organism location

Source: JoAnn Delaney lesson creation