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Science Safety & Skills

Science Safety & Skills

Author: Sheri Cole

BAT List:

  1. Identify the location of safety items in this classroom.
  2. Know and follow science safety rules and procedures.
  3. Compare and contrast the 3 types of investigations
  4. Determine the type of investigation performed if given a scenario
  5. List the steps of the scientific method in order and discuss what is expected at each step
  6. Determine/label the IV, DV, control, and constants of an experimental investigation if given a scenario, data table, or scientific question "WITEBOB"
  7. Write a "WITEBOB" if given the IV and DV for an experimental investigation, or the results/conclusion of exp. investigation
  8. Write a hypothesis in "if...then...because" form
  9. Determine the proper tool and units to use if told to find the measurements of a sample
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Science Safety &Skills-Cole Video Notes

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