Scientific Method

Scientific Method

Author: John Lui
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Scientific Method Quizlet Challenge

Click on the link below to test your scientific method vocabulary knowledge.

Quizlet Challenge

Scientific Method Theme Song

Source: The George Center Inc

Scientific Method Prezi

An introduction to the scientific method, variables, and types of data

Source: Mr. Lui

Scientific Methods

Lists the steps of the scientific method, types of data, precision & accuracy, and graphing

Source: Mr. Lui

Qualitative vs Quantitative Data

Source: Mr. Lamb

Scientific Method to Solve a Murder


Click on the below, the click on the image.  Next click on "what is the scientific method" and read about the murder mystery.  Use the arrows to move back and forth.


Source: Utah University

Scientific Method Video

Source: Bozeman Science

Precision & Accuracy

Source: Standupmaths