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Scientific Method  1st lesson--testable questions

Scientific Method 1st lesson--testable questions

Author: Kay Kubat
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Scientific Method Standards Evaluate the reasoning in arguments in which fact and opinion are intermingled or when conclusions do
not follow logically from the evidence given. Use logical reasoning and imagination to develop descriptions, explanations, predictions and models based
on evidence

Student Objectives:

I will be able to determine the difference between a testable science question and a not-testable science question based on inferences and observations.

Source: Minnesota State Standards

Nature of science--testable questions

Source: ck-12 flexbook

Inferences and Observations differences

Source: you tube

scientific method--testable practice questions

Read the question below.  Decide if the statement is a testable question, or a non-testable question.  write yes, if the question can be tested using the scientific method and write no if  the question cannot be tested.  If you choose no, the statement must be rewritten into a testable question using the scientific method. We will create a google document in class to practice and allow for the practice questions you write in the next section.

1.  The faster water flows, the more erosion occurs.


2.  It is the responsibility of farmers to find ways to reduce soil erosion.


3.  The composition of soil affects the growth of plants.


4.  Walmart pencils are better than Target pencils.


5.  Does the amount of water pollution affect the population of fish in the lake?


Source: Prentice Hall Science Explorer for parts

practice questions

Now you write three statements that you believe will be testable.




practice questions