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Scientific Notation (Physical Science Review)

Scientific Notation (Physical Science Review)

Author: Karen Branch

At the end of this lesson, students will be able to solve problems that require the use of scientific notation with 80% accuracy.

Students will watch a short video that provides steps for completing scientific notation problems prior to class. In pairs, students will work through the steps in solving scientific notation problems using the worksheets provided. When the pair needs help, they may ask their elbow partners or the teacher for clarification of instructions or steps. Students will individually complete their online quiz when they have completed the above assignments.

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Scientific Notation Basics

Step by step instructions on how to solve basic problems with scientific notation.

Source: created by Karen Branch

Scientific Notation and Computing

In pairs students will read the information provided and complete problems on the worksheet using steps included.



When you have watched the video and completed the worksheets with your partner, please alert Mrs. Branch that you are ready to take your assessment on this content. You will have until 1:00 p.m. to complete the assessment on the day you work with your small group (pair). Assessments are not posted online but will be shared through Google Docs. To request quiz: email

Source: created by Karen Branch