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+ as a Newsletter Creator as a Newsletter Creator

Author: Cindy Powell

To provide the viewer/student with all skills necessary to publish a curated newsletter with articles from online sources. The motive would be for teachers to provide sites to parents or students or to use this with students as an alternative presentation type for projects.

Included in this tutorial will be directions for joining, choosing themes or colors for the "ezine" which will be produced, scooping information from other sites, adding your input to the item, picture for the logo, and a blurb for the site if theirs isn't what you need.

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Creating a Newsletter using

Publishing an online newsletter couldn't be simpler with if your content can be curated from websites, blogs or other online sources. I am going to use our district's technology newsletter which I produce as my example. This began as a Microsoft Publisher product using one of their templates. I already archive these as PDF files on my "teacher" page so I could go back and add the earlier issues to the curation. A South Carolina EdTech Conference session featured and I looked for a way to use it as a sample for teachers. I began using my research sites for the hard copy of the Tech Cadre Corner as my curated sites in I use part of the "Insights" section to identify which issue and article along with a blurb of the article 

Source: Cindy Powell

What is

In case you aren't familiar with here is an overview.

Source: tutorial on YouTube

How to join and use...

Although this video shows as a research portfolio for a paper the directions are the most recent I could find. The company's videos use the old interface..
There is a shorter way to scoop which I will explain later, but the 3 scoops assignment at the end of Ms Mills' video is a good start for us.

Source: YouTube video by Cindy Mills Tools

This slide show points out the current tools available on and their uses.

Source: Cindy Powell

Sites Used in this Tutorial

Source: Cindy Powell