Screencast on a Chromebook!

Screencast on a Chromebook!

Author: carolyn fruin

First and pitiful attempt at recording using a Google Hangout. The software works, I, however, am still questionable.


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Opening Google+, I started a hangout and clicked the "on air" box. Google sort of took care of the rest. It automatically recorded and stored it to YouTube. Once there, I used KeepVid to download to my computer. In the Sophia tutorial, I inserted "video" and chose the title as the file. After uploading/downloading, I went back to YouTube channel and selected the video manager to delete it from YouTube. Pretty slick. 

I'd rather have a one-stepper, but if what I have is a chromebook, this seems to be the only way to do a screen recording.

Good Luck!

Record Via Hangout

First attempt at screen recording using a google chromebook!