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Author: Paula Dillon

To learn how to screen cast a lesson using Jing and Screencast-o-matic

In this tutorial, you will learn the basis steps in screen casting using Jing and Screencast-O-Matic.  You will be introduced to other screen casting tools that you may choose to explore on your own.  This class is the building block for the tutorial on flipping your classroom/ using blended learning in the classroom

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Screencasting Tips

1.  Before you begin a screencast, write out a script.  This will help guide your thinking and speaking and save you time in the long-run.  I tend to use the cheat sheets that I create for each program to guide me.

2.  During a screencast state or write the learning target or essential question at the start of the cast and remind the viewer of that target at the end.  Research has shown as much as a 27% increase in student achievement when using this strategy in the classroom.  Sophia allows you to post those objectives at the top of each tutorial page.  The student will need to remember to click the more button to see the objective in its entirety.

3. Watch your screencast before you post.  Check for quality of video and sound, as well as to verify that you were able to capture the message intended.  

4.  Get feedback from your students to check if your screencasts are meeting their learning needs.  Consider having students create screencasts to demonstrate what they know or to peer tutor.

5.  If using AWWAPP consider typing in all of the typed titles, prompts and directions, and begin screencasting once you are ready to walk the students through the steps.  

6.  Watch screencasts by trusted educators to continue to build your own strategies for effective screencasts.

7.  Remember a screencast or screen capture does not need to be elaborate.  You may just need to capture an image or record a few clicks of the mouse to illustrate a how-to or to enhance a static presentation.

8.  You can also use a screencast to add voice and create a video from a more traditional presentation such as a PowerPoint.

My best suggestion is to try out different strategies and tools.  Remember, you can always delete and you never need to post until you are comfortable.

Paula Dillon


Source: Paula Dillon

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Jing Cheat Sheet

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Screencasting with iPad Apps

If you use and Ipad in place of a computer, you can still screen cast lessons.  Some of the options below have both an app option and a computer option.  Here are some useful apps to consider:

1.  Show Me App (Free) - allows one page of recording, and you can store the recording for students on the site.  Students can also create an account.  This app does not have  Dropbox integration

2.  Educreations - (Free) A recordable whiteboard - very similar to Show Me App, but does allow for multipage recordings and does integrate with DropBox and your camera roll.  

3.  Explain Everything - like Educreations plus you can crop images, insert live web pages, add notations including arrows, pointers, and typed text.  Integrates with both Dropbox and Evernote.  Also, you can share videos on Dropbox, Email, Evernote, and YouTube.

4.  ScreenChomp (Free) -From TechSmith (Makers of Camtasia, Jing, and Snagit), so you can upload as .mp4 and edit, you can add a pdf and record one page.  Also connects to DropBox

5.  Voicethread (Free and also available on the computer)  a web-based application that allows you to place media including images, videos, documents, and presentations into an asynchronous conversation. 

6.  Replay Note -allows you to record your notes, writing, and voice and converts it to a YouTube screencast video. 

7.  Doceri - (Free paid upgrades on iPad and a paid version available for the computer) Allows for multiple page recording, the ability to store in folders on the site, has backgrounds to select from, has the ability to share on Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook, and has a paid computer version.

8.  DoodleCast Pro - Less options that Explain Everything, but does have backgrounds to choose from and the ability to connect with camera roll, YouTube and Dropbox.

9.  Explain a Website - From Explain Everything.  Screencast a website on the ipad with annotations.  You can export to camera roll, Dropbox, and Youtube.

10.  NEW Tutorial for Camtasia!! Fast Track - From TechSmith - Please note: TechSmith FastTrack is a tutorial content app only, it is not a screencasting app.
TechSmith FastTrack makes learning Camtasia Studio easy so you can create eye-catching training, presentation and demo videos. There are 16 tutorial videos that will walk you through Camtasia from start to finish. Learn how to record your screen, apply polished effects, remove background noise and more

Source: Compilation and explanations by Paula Dillon