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Author: Erin Aldana

This lesson will give an overview of different types of sculpture.

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Yoruba Lost Wax portrait head, Creative Commons Wikimedia,, Lost Wax process, Creative Commons Wikimedia,, Wood carving tools, Creative Commons Wikimedia,, Creglingen Altarpiece, Creative Commons Wikimedia,, assemblage, Creative Commons Wikimedia,, Lampiao and Maria Bonita, Creative Commons Wikimedia,

Terms to Know

Any sculptural technique that involves adding material, such as casting or modeling.


Creating a sculpture by putting together a series of found objects.


The production of a sculpture by scraping away or removing extra material from a block of stone, piece of wood, or other hard substance, until the desired shape emerges.


The production of sculptures by pouring a liquid (plaster, molten metal, wax) into a mold and letting it harden before the mold is removed.


The production of sculpture by adding bits of clay together until they start to resemble the desired shape.


Any sculptural technique that involves taking material away, such as carving.