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Seasons Seasons, How do They Look?

Seasons Seasons, How do They Look?

Author: Peyton Kirks

Students will be able to build a depiction of each season using Story Starters and show the seasons chronologically using Lego Movie Maker.

Story Starters and Lego Movie Maker are both products of Lego that assist in teaching a lot of different concepts to students. They are both excellent tools to spark student creativity and discussion among students. If used in a group format, they also promote collaboration between students. 

In this tutorial, students will learn how to use Story Starters and Lego Movie Maker in order to build the four seasons and put them in the correct order. They will also learn how to work together to make decisions and how to express ideas.

Students will be assessed on their final product that they build just through whether or not they have built a depiction of their season that makes sense. The product will be their completed movie they have made.

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Seasons Project Description

In this project, you will create the four seasons using Story Starters and then a video of those seasons in order by working in a group.

To start, you will need to get into a group of four and assign each member of the group a season to build for the final product. After each member of the group has a season, each person should get a grey base plate from the Story Starters kit. Each member of the group should then build their individual season, making sure that what they build is showing what that season really looks like. 

After everyone has completed their season, the group should work together to put the seasons in the correct order. After deciding what order the seasons should go in, the group will use Lego Movie Maker to record their seasons. The group will make a completed movie of their seasons using Lego Movie Maker.

Lego Movie Maker Tutorial

This video provides a description of how to make your Lego Movie after finishing building all your seasons. It gives a description about every step in the process and on the app.

A Completed Product!

Here is an example made by us, the teachers, as we planned this activity.