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SEC 571 Week 8 Final Exam

SEC 571 Week 8 Final Exam

Author: jelliott sadler

SEC 571 Week 8 Final Exam

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1. (TCO A) List and assess at least three kinds of damage a company could suffer when the integrity of a program or company data are compromised. (A description of damage, not a definition of data integrity, is required.) (Points : 40)
(TCO F) Discuss four ways in which ethics are different from laws. (Points : 40)
(TCO D) Give 3 examples of how a person could unknowingly or unintentionally participate in a criminal act through their computer system.
1. (TCO B) Suppose you have a high capacity network connection coming into your home, and you also have a wireless network access point. Also, suppose you do not use the full capacity of your network connection. List and assess four reasons why you might still want to prevent an outsider obtaining free network access by intruding into your wireless network
TCO C) You are designing a program that will be able to detect if any of the standard operating system files on a PC have been modified. You decide to use cryptography to accomplish this. Describe how cryptography can be used to meet your goal. (Points : 40)
(TCO E) Name four authentication policies that can be enforced using technology and four authentication policies that cannot be enforced using technology. Discuss the reasons why the second four policies can't be enforced using technology and how managers could attempt to assure compliance. (Points : 40)
(TCO H) Some IT department policies are designed to prevent behaviors by IT staff. While some depend upon the employee voluntarily complying with the policy (for example: do not reveal technical information to outside parties), others are enforced technically (for example, authentication required for system access). What is an example of a policy that technically enforces ethical behavior by IT staff? Provide policy wording for your example. (Points : 40)

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