Sec3 Day1 Review

Sec3 Day1 Review

Author: Michael Franke
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Introduction to Psychology

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Below you must watch the video to refresh your mind on how to graph inequalities. Your notes from yesterday will also be a great tool to help you remember as well. I have provided you with a numbered list below, explaining in detail what you must do to get full credit on this assignment.


1. Watch this 8 minute video about graphing inequalities.

a) answer the first question in the google form about what you learned from the video


2. Answer each of the next questions in DETAIL on the google form.


3. You will have to make 2 videos in educreations and paste the link from the video you created in the corresponding blank on your google form. I have given you the example I want you to discuss below. You must discuss how to graph it, as well as what type of line the graph is, and finally how to shade the graph to illustrate the solutions.

a) y < 2x - 4

b) y ≥ 1/4x + 5


4. After you have completed the assignment, you will have a homework assignment provided to you.


Ask for today's homework assignment after you submit the form