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Second Life: The Virtual Classroom

Second Life: The Virtual Classroom

Author: Danielle Burbage

In this packet we will be looking at the virtual reality world, Second Life. The things that you will see in this packet are:

  • How to download and install Second Life
  • How to create an avatar
  • How is use Second Life
  • How to set up an Island in Second Life
  • How to use Second Life for a class

Second Life

Second life is a virtual reality world that was developed by Linden Lab in 2003. People can go online and download this program and create what is called and avatar(avatars may take any form users choose; human, animal, vegetable, mineral or combination thereof which may choose to resemble themselves as they are in real life). After you have done that you then will be allowed to explore the world of second life. There is no cost to download or join second life.

Second Life: For Teachers

Looking through the eyes of a teacher, second life can be very beneficial. You are able to set up different islands that can be strictly for your class or a certain class. You can have class in second life and everything that you do in class you can do on second life. Everyone in the class wil be able to hear everyone as long as they have a microphone on their computer( most computers have built-in microphones). In order to speak on their you just have to turn on your speaker and then cut it off so you can hear others. This is just like walkie-talkies. You are able to post assignments, powerpoints, etc. in second life and your students will be able to access them.

Buying Land

In order to build an island strictly for you class you will have to use real money to purchase the land, but your school (like ULM has an island on second life) can purchase land with the technology fee that they already charge the students. But purchasing this land it will give access to any professor/teacher. That teacher can then send invitations to the students in the class to join the island.

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Second Life Home Page

This is the link to the Second Life home page. If will show you how to get started on Second Life.

How to download and install Second Life

This video takes a look at how to download and install second life onto you PC.

How to Create a Second Life Avatar

This video takes a look at how to create an avatar in Second Life.

How to Use Second Life

This is a quick guide showing how to navigate through Second Life.

Buying Land in Second Life

This link is showing you how to purchase land in second life. Click on the picture and it will take you straight to the second life website to see the instructions.

Virtual Classroom

This video is taking a look at how a virtual classroom would work with a traditional classroom.

Second Life: ULM

This is a snipt of ULM's information in Second life. If you join second life you will be able to joing ULM's community in second ife.