Section 1.1- What Chemistry is about Part 1

Section 1.1- What Chemistry is about Part 1

  • What chemistry is about
  • Chemistry in the body
  • Water
  • Measurements and units
  • Density
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8/25/14- 1.1- What Chemistry is About...

  • In your SJ on pages 11 - 12 copy down notes from the PowerPoint presentation. Make sure you add the density calculation for the problem about titanium. 
  • Work out the practice problems in your notes
  • Complete the WSQ and submit  ( do not forget to answer the secret questions)

Flipped Lesson - Chapter 1.1

SJ page 11-12
-Copy down notes from the PowerPoint and add the density problem calculated at the end of the video.

Practice with Volume and Density

Only work the problems asked.
Volume: please workout problems #1-4
Density: Please workout problems #13-16

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WSQ 8/25/14

Answer all part of the WSQ and submit for credit. = ) last step for your 1st flipped assignment! You Did It!!!!