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Section 2.1 - Definition of a Derivative

Section 2.1 - Definition of a Derivative

Author: Aaron Smith
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1)  **Optional**  Print a copy of the blank notes pages, found at the bottom of the tutorial.

2)  Watch all three videos in order, take good notes, pause and rewind as needed.  Write down any questions you have as the video is playing.

3) Answer the quiz questions at the top.

4)  In class Complete pg 103 #1,2,5,7,9, 25-29 odd, 81-86


Link to Interactive Applet in Video 1


Conceptual Understanding of Derivative as Slope

Section 2.1 - Definition of a Derivative (Part 1)

Section 2.1 -Definition of a Derivative (part 2)

Section 2.1 - Blank Notes Pages to Print

A copy of the blank notes pages if you want to print them.