Section 2.6 - Related Rates (Part 1)

Section 2.6 - Related Rates (Part 1)

Author: Aaron Smith
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1)  **Optional**  Print blank notes pages (at the bottom of the tutorial)

2)  Watch the video and take good notes.

3)  Try the practice problems at the end of the video, and check your answers.

4)  Answer the quiz questions in the to right corner.

5)  In class Monday:  Page 154  #1, 3, 4, 15, 19

Section 2.6 - Related Rates Part 1

Useful Geometry Formulas

You need to know a lot of the basic geometric formulas for finding area, volume, and surface area. Here is a printable for you to use (I will print some to hand out in class on Monday). These are also inside the back cover of your book.

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Blank Notes Pages to Print

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