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Section 3.1 - Extrema on an Interval

Section 3.1 - Extrema on an Interval

Author: Aaron Smith

Section 3.1 - Extrema on an Interval

AP Standard for this Lesson
Applications of derivatives
Analysis of curves, including the notions of monotonicity and concavity.

At the end of this lesson you will:
- Understand the definition of extrema of a function on an interval.
- Understand the definition of relative extrema of a function on an open interval.
- Find extrema on a closed interval.

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1)  *Optional* Print a copy of the lesson notes found at the bottom of the page.  (You can also just take 
       notes on notebook paper, but if you print you won't have to draw all the graphs yourself)

2)  View the Lesson Video and take notes.  Write down any questions you have.
     Complete the practice problems at the end of the video and check your work.

3)  Answer the quiz questions on the top right corner, and SUBMIT.  You have to get at least 3 correct.

4)  Post any questions you still have rolling around in your brain at the bottom of the tutorial where it says 
     "Ask a Question".  Respond to any of your classmates questions if you know the answer!

5)  In class:  Complete problems page 169 #1,2, 19-29 odd.

Section 3.1 - Extrema on an Interval

Section 3.1 - Blank Notes Page to Print

Here is a copy of the lesson slides you can print and take notes!