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Section 9.2 Simplifying Radicals

Section 9.2 Simplifying Radicals

Author: Anna M

To accurately teach simplifying radicals.

In this packet, you will start by learning vocabulary. Then, go through a powerpoint of steps to simplifying radicals and a few examples. After that, a video going through these steps is available. Finally, there are outside links that are very helpful to the topic of simplifying radicals

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Radical- the symbol to find a square root i.e. square root of blank

Radicand- the number or expression inside a radical symbol (the 64) i.e. square root of 64

Simplest Form of a Radical Expression- an expression that has no perfect square factors other than 1 in the radicand, no fractions in the radicand, and no radicals appearing in the denominator of a fraction

Equations to Remember:

square root of a b end root equals square root of a cross times square root of b

Source: McDougal Littell Algerbra 1 Textbook

Simplifying Radicals Examples and Steps

Source: McDougal Littell Algebra 1 Textbook

Simplifying Radicals Video

Source: McDougal Littell Algebra 1 Textbook