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Seed Dispersal Lesson

Seed Dispersal Lesson

Author: Rosanne Moran

Grades 2 - 4 Science Lesson - SEED DISPERSAL

Students will be able to identify different methods of seed dispersal.

Students will be able to explain how plants adapt to their environments by dispersing their seeds in various methods.

Students will utilize iPad App Scribble Press to illustrate seed dispersal.


This lesson teaches students about the various methods of seed dispersal and adaptation to environment.  Students will work in teams to view several videos and a teacher-prepared presentation on seed dispersal on their iPads.  Teacher will explain adaption.  Students will engage in a "seed dispersal game" with their peers.  Students will utilize iPad App Scribble Press to illustrate seed dispersal.  Students and teachers will create a semantic map utilize the iPad Educreations map to show the different methods of seed dispersal.  They will complete the semantic map by giving examples of seed that travel through these methods.

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Seed Dispersal

Teacher-created seed dispersal powerpoint.

Source: Teacher-created.

Go, Seed, Go

This is a worksheet on seed dispersal.


Seed dispersal

Seed dispersal video.

Seed Dispersal Game and Activities

Play the seed dispersal game.
Complete culminating activities with your students.


Source: teacher-created

How to Use Educreations.

Tutorial on the iPad Educreations App.

How to Use the ScribblePress.

Tutorial on the ScribblePress App for iPad.