Segment Bisectors

Segment Bisectors


    Define midpoint and segment bisector, distinguishing the difference between the two.


    Review the midpoint formula: (, )


    Provide examples that demonstrate how to solve for unknown variables and segment lengths (ex. Points A, B and C are collinear, in that order.  is the segment bisector to segment = 6x + 4 and = 12x – 2.  Solve for x and find the length of and ).


This packet should help a learner seeking to understand segment bisectors.

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The Midpoint of a Line Segment

This video defines the midpoint of a line segment.

Source: RobertOB on Guaranteach

The Midpoint Formula

This video presents the midpoint formula and explains how to use it to find the midpoint of two points.

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Segment Bisectors

This video introduces the concept of a segment bisector.

Practice Problems

This slideshow presents several problems that learners can use to test their understanding of the material presented in this packet.