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Selecting a Learning Management System

Selecting a Learning Management System


This lesson explains the three types of LMSs available, including the features and pros/cons of each type of LMS.

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Classroom Instruction using an LMS

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Notes on "Selecting a Learning Management System"

(00:00-00:09) Intro

(00:10-00:22) Objectives

(00:28-01:24) LMS Selection Steps

(01:25-04:13) Proprietary Systems

(04:14-07:09) Open-Source Systems

(07:10-10:00) Cloud-Based Systems

(10:01-10:13) Review

(10:11-10:49) Reflection

Additional Resources

Masconomet Regional School District LMS Study Group Report

This is a great example of one school district's process in selecting an LMS. In addition to outlining the process, this report includes the considerations of the essential elements of an LMS as determined by this school district. This report can be used as a guide to help other educators as they consider the use of an LMS in their practice.

Resources for Procuring the “Right” Learning Management System 

This handout provides resources and strategies for selecting the best LMS system for your organization from the USDOE. Of particular use are the guiding questions for planning. Although this is a practical and useful planning document, the links provided as resources do not work.