Author: Kimberly Walker
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Introduction to Psychology

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Why Self-edit?

Your teacher should not be the first person to read you entire paper.  That honor (and responsibility) is yours. 


Before you submit your written work, you must be sure that it is free from simple errors and that it follows the project expectations.  Without self-editing, you run the risk of having wonderful content that is down-graded because your teachers cannot understand what you are saying. 


Take care of yourselves and your writing. 

You have worked hard to get to this point. 

Make it count!

Old-school Editing Marks

If you are working online, you will probably not use these too much. However, if your paper is already printed, these symbols are really handy.

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Directions For Editing a Google Doc

  1. Highlight the section you want to leave a comment about.
  2. Hold Ctrl + Alt + M
  3. Click inside the comment box that popped up and type your message.
  4. Press Save

Self-editing Publisable Text

Use this checklist before you present your final project.

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Your Exit Ticket

Step One: open up your Revolutionary War MEL-Con on Google Drive


Step Two: read through it with your checklist to make sure you pass all of the required self-check items.


Step Three: make corrections and check off items as you go.


Step Four: rejoice in the excellence which is your self-checked paper!


Step Five: turn in your exit slip to Walker's room.