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Author: Kwa Wei Choon

1.To question and make thoughtful observations about starting points for their work·to question and make thoughtful observations about starting points for their work.

2.·Able to study and understand what is a first-hand observation

Understand the important on Element of Arts (Line,Texture, Shape,Form, Colour and Space).

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Mark-making (Week 5)

The aim of this exercise is to explore and experiment with creating marks with a range of different tools that you may not usually use for creating Art.

* During lesson. Please recap & practice it. Check the sample:-

* special effects with palette-knives, Indian-ink, white paint, PVA glue, blue dye, candle wax, sticks and card for texture.

Create Texture using Paint (Week 5)

Watch artist: Red Hong Yi. She is a Malaysian born artist and architectural designer. She is known for using everyday materials for her portrait paintings.

Texture, is described as the way a three-dimensional work actually feels when touched, or the visual "feel" of a two-dimensional work.

Texture is the surface quality of an object. A rock may be rough and jagged. A piece of silk may be soft and smooth and your desk may feel hard and smooth.

Colour wheel (Mixing the pigment)

Did You Know

Primary colour = 3 permanent colour


Secondary colour = 1primary+ 1primary

Tertiary colour = 1primary + 1secondary

Portraits for mix and match

Reference for step to draw a portrait.


Self-Portrait Drawing (HOMEWORK 1)

Complete 5 Self-Portrait drawings to recording of the subject matter (individual on A4 paper).

Type of Media /Tools used : Dry (Colour Pencil/Oil Pastel) or Wet (Watercolour/ Poster/ Acrylic)


Vincent Willem van Gogh (Self-Potraits)

He was a Dutch artist whose work had a far-reaching influence on 20th-century art. His output includes portraits, self portraits, landscapes and still-life of cypresses, wheat fields and sunflowers.
(30 March 1853 – 29 July 1890). He manage to produce 43 pieces of Self-Portrait.