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Seminar Notes

Seminar Notes

Author: Briana Knowles
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Sem Notes

Seminar Notes:



Sublime Nature


  • Spiritual renewal

  • Was emphasized by romanticism and transcendentalism

  • Both focused on finding a nirvana of some sort



Gothic Literature


  • The oldest horror genre

  • Always contains symbolism

  • Includes dark themes or subjects

  • Frankenstein was one of the first pieces of Gothic lit.

  • Poe is the most well-known Gothic writer


The life of Mary Shelly


  • Shelly's work was influenced by her own life experiences rather than other works

  • Shelly also read (and perhaps took influence to) her parents lecture notes

  • Married Percy Shelly (poet) at age 15

  • Shelly published Frankenstein at age 21 in 1818


Women in Victorian Society


  • Women were housewives: took care of children/ husband/ home etc.

  • Had to be modest and pure

  • Only received education on items which served as conversational purposes

  • The higher up in class a woman was, the higher literacy she was expected to have




  • An allusion is a reference to a piece of well known literature in another literary work

  • Prometheus Allusion: reference to Prometheus, having the task of creating man

  • The Bible Allusion: reference to the passage in Paradise Lost when Satan was cast out of hell


Edgar Allan Poe


  • Possibly the best known Gothic writer

  • 1826: Studies at the University of Virginia

  • 1831: Was expelled and began working at an editing company

  • 1842: When Poe published most of his work

  • 1847: Poe fell ill and died