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Sentence openers

Sentence openers

Author: Anna Overbo

    Introduce different types of sentence openers and give examples for how varying sentence openers can improve writing.  


    Compare standard order of sentences with inversion/fronting of prepositional phrases and other dependent clauses (e.g. In the woods, he built a cabin. vs. He build a cabin in the woods.)


This packet should help a learner seeking to understand English writing style and who is confused about how to vary sentence openers. It will explain how to connect clauses with subordinators. 

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Cheat sheet on sentence openers

One-page summary of prepositional phrases, participial phrases, infinitive phrases, noun absolute phrases, and adverbial clauses.


Source: Created by me, Änna!

Sentence Openers Part 1

Using single adverbs; prepositional phrases; infinitives and infinitive phrases; and participles and participial phrases to begin sentences.

Source: Created by me, Änna!

Sentence Openers Part 2

Start sentences with Noun Absolute phrases and Adverbial Clauses!

Source: Created by me, Änna!

Lucy Talks to Peter about Fronting and Inversions

An examination of how writers can change sentence structure to achieve stylistic effects in their writing. Covers a variety of examples of fronting and inversions, as well as a caveat about getting too enthusiastic in the use of such devices.

Source: Created by me, Änna, at