"Ser" or "Estar"

"Ser" or "Estar"


World Language California Content Standards (9th-12th)


1.1 Use orthography, phonology, or ASL parameters to produce words or signs (ASL) and phrases in context.
1.2 Identify similarities and differences in the orthography, phonology, or ASL parameters of the languages the students know.

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Verb To Be: "Ser" and "Estar"

You will visit the following website to gain a better understanding of the differences between the two Spanish verbs that correspond to the English verb "To Be".



Ser vs. Estar Rap Song

Ser and Estar- Spanish Podcast

So... How do we know when to use the verb Ser or the verb Estar?

After you have visited the website that provides you with an explanation of the main differences between these two Spanish verbs , and after you have watched the two YouTube videos with further explanation, you will answer the following question in your notes:

How do we know when to use the verb Ser or the verb Estar, knowing that both of these verbs translate into the English verb of To Be?