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Ser vs. Estar

Ser vs. Estar

Author: Shawn Adkins

Students will be able to write a paragraph in Spanish describing where their favorite place is and how the place is.

Students will be able to describe pictures with a partner using the proper verb to be.

Students will be able listen to others talk about their favorite place and then describe the place to someone else.

This lesson covers the uses of the verbs Ser and Estar.  Students will learn when and how to use each verb properly.  They will use various means in order to accomplish the goal of using the verbs properly in language communication.

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Estar y preposiciones

La formación del verbo estar y el uso de los preposiciones

Source: Señor Adkins educreations

Ser vs. Estar Slideshow

Source: Señor Adkins

Ser vs. Estar Google Drive Form

Source: Señor Adkins